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Providing mental health services in the Chattanooga area since 1999

Don Hanson

Licensed Clinical Social Worker

Doctor of Sacred Theology

St. Thomas College, B.A. Philosophy
Gregorian University, S.T.B. Theology
University of St. John Lateran, S.T.L. Moral Theology
Our Lady of the Lake University, M.S.W.
University of St. John Lateran, S.T.D. Doctorate in Moral Theology

Therapeutic Approach
My approach is to form a safe compassionate bond with my client, examine their pain and teach the client to listen to the wisdom found within one's self for hope and for change.

Treatment Issues
I deal with marital/relational strife, trauma, anxiety disorders, PTSD, sex abuse victims, sex addiction, grief, end of life issues, and loved ones surviving suicide or murder.

Treatment Population
Early in my career I worked extensively with teenagers. I now work with adults of all ages.

My Journey
With my faith, I have traveled through many years and avenues of helping human beings in a variety of settings and with myriad of problems. I have witnessed the greatness of the human spirit, its resiliency and its ability to move toward healing and health when the obstacles that prevent growth are properly understood and gently removed.

Favorite Quote
What we live with, we learn. What we learn, we practice. What we practice, we become. And what we become has consequences. (Learning theory)

Recommended Reading
The Book of Forgiving by Desmond Tutu and Mpho Tutu